HOSHIKO is an innovative, young, fresh brand, dedicated to new born babies and little stars. The brand was founded by two enthusiastic mothers, Noa Yadid and Moran Yanklovich; both designers who saw a need and a vacuum to create a simple, contemporary and inclusive, uní - sex, design for baby products.

The brand name originates from two Japanese words, Hoshi; stars and Ko; children, and that’s how HOSHIKO was born. Noa and Moran demand a continued focus on uncluttered, minimalist design and uncompromising innovation.

HOSHIKO’s premier launch, a Memory Journal invites babies and toddlers to strike out, like shining stars in a night sky, and bring light to the product in a clear, black & white, hard back book, which easily guides the documentation of the first years of a baby’s development. Many opportunities and prompts are presented on the pages inviting parents to be creative and collaborative in capturing those first time precious moments and stages.

The Ultimate goal for Noa and Moran is to provide clients with the highest, uncompromising quality and innovative Life Style products for star shining little miracles. Coming soon, other exciting HOSHIKO products include milestone cards, breastfeeding shawls and textile designs for bamboo blankets and infant bed-wear.